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Mousson Atelier was founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2008. The atelier came into being as a result of an alliance of professionals with over 20 years of experience in creating jewelry and collecting unique gemstones. Today Mousson Atelier preserves the family tradition of innovation and creates jewelry in a modern and classic style. Innovation in design and manufacturing quality are the key principles of the company. We attach great importance to creating jewelry that is ultimately valuable for its beauty.

We select the highest quality materials for our jewelry: 18K gold in different colors, precious stones of various shapes, colors, sizes and cuts. Together these components turn into a wide variety of unique creations. The impeccable manufacturing of jewelry is the product of the cutting-edge technologies of the jewelry industry and the high-grade handwork.

The collections of Mousson Atelier live and are continuously updated. They feature exclusive jewelry pieces and stylish delicate creations that are available to a wide audience.

Discover our collections and immerse yourself in the precious world of Mousson Atelier.


 Real wonders happen in the Mousson Atelier workshop!

We take great care to approach the creation of our jewelry with responsibility and imagination. We love our work and enjoy making our clients' day.

Every jewelry piece in creation goes through nine intricate, exacting and fascinating stages. Take a look at our workshop and find out how we create our jewelry collections!

The process in workshop

  • The Selection and cutting of gems Everything starts with the heart of a future jewelry piece – а gem from our own cutting workshop. Mousson Atelier uses only genuine precious and semiprecious stones for its jewelry.
  • THE JEWELRY DESIGN AND SKETCHING After the stone has been chosen, the artist creates a sketch for the future jewelry piece. It is a creative process, out of which a unique jewelry design is born.
  • THE MOLDING OF THE JEWELRY When the sketch is ready, we create a wax prototype of the jewelry by hand.
  • The 3D modeling Then we proceed to 3D-modeling. Innovations and modern technologies allow us to turn an idea of the designer into its exact three-dimensional model.
  • THE CASTING OF THE JEWELRY Mousson Atelier uses a complex technological process of jewelry casting that requires a set of specific professional skills and knowledge, which our jewelry makers possess.
  • THE MOUNTING OF THE JEWELRY At this stage all details of the future jewelry piece are assembled. The metal is polished and honed by hand, and we remove the excess and fit the stones into their setting places.
  • THE PRECIOUS AND SEMIPRECIOUS STONE SETTING Stone setting is one of the most complicated and delicate stages of the jewelry creation. Our jewelers fasten the stones and work on the setting according to size and shape, so that the jewelry piece is not only beautiful to look at, but also comfortable to use.
  • THE GALVANICS AND POLISHING As the final strokes we use galvanics and polishing to color and brighten the jewelry.
  • Finished jewellery The new creation is subjected to a strict quality control and gets an individual certificate. You receive your jewelry in our stylish brand package, in which you can safely store and transport the product.
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Our values:

Working daily with fine jewelry, we know that there are things, which are much more important than gold and diamonds. What are the values of Mousson Atelier?

«We attach great importance to creating jewelry that is ultimately valuable for its beauty»

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