Fine jewelry & accessories


Full-service production

Mousson Atelier made it possible to connect exclusivity and the advantages of modern technologies, reducing the time needed to produce every piece of jewelry and improving the quality of the finished product. The main principles of success of Mousson Atelier are the quality and the speed of production that positively affect the development of cooperation with our partners.

"The profitable client"

If you are focused on the client with the consumer affluence of a luxury segment, then our target audiences coincide. It can be a man who buys a gift for his woman, mother or daughter for the New Year, Birthday, Women’s Day, St. Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary or other occasion. It can be a woman,willing to treat herself, her friends or loved ones to a precious gift. Or it can be an expert or a gemstones’ lover who considers jewelry a smart investment. They value the origin and the exclusivity of the jewelry above all else.

Service and fast delivery

Mousson Atelier offers a number of services to our partners. We grant the request and send the finished jewelry very quickly. Our representative will come to your shop to give you and your staff the presentation on the company and the chosen jewelry items. Mousson Atelier offers its partners supporting promo materials as well as the brand packaging and exhibition equipment. Due to the fact that our manufacturing company is situated in Saint Petersburg we are able to reduce the time of delivery and transportation costs.

Enhancing the image of the jewellery shop

Items by Mousson Atelier are the examples of high-class and quality products and unique design. The display cases with our jewelry will become a refined and elegant addition to your stores and will attract the eye of even more sophisticated customers, with a subsequent increase in sales and the growth of the store's reputation.

Competitive advantages

Mousson Atelier is deeply concerned with the quality of its product and always puts fair pricing and authenticity of the manufactured jewelry above advertising strategies and gray standards, which traditionally exist in the jewelry industry. Our company maintains attractive prices for the customers, though not compromising on quality or unique designs that we are proud of. Every year Mousson Atelier participates in all the leading jewelry fairs in Russia, and is also one of the few Russian companies that are presented at "Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair" in Hong Kong and at "Messe Freiburg" in Freiburg, among others. The company intends to reach a wider international market.

Packaging and equipment of the highest quality

We present Mousson Atelier jewelry collections at the highest level: we supply our partners with all promotional materials, high-quality photographs of our jewelry (there is a professional photo studio within our manufacture) and the exhibition equipment of exclusive design. Mousson Atelier also provides you with stylish packages made in Spain from genuine leather. If required, we also supply our partners with a draft for the advertising media.

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