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High Jewelry

Each piece in this collection is a unique work of jewellery art. 

We can assure you that you will not find anything like our High Jewellery Items anywhere in the world! These pieces not only have high design value but also an investment appeal. 18K gold and rare precious stones make this jewellery collection even more valuable.

Pink Queen

Title «Pink Queen» the ring received for its "royal" diamond design. This ring is for a real queen!

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1001 Nights

Uniqueness of these rings is in a rare ruby and cabochon-cut sapphire and sweet oriental style. Choose your own jewellery your character & mood - morning or evening, dawn or sunset ...

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Cherry Orchard

The necklace center is a perfect cut pink sapphire. Bidding for this gemstone lasted several days. There are very few sapphires of this color called “hot pink” in the world!

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The central stone - emerald of a rare form has an unusual tack, complicated in execution. It seems like the ring is paved with diamonds .

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Northern Flower

In the center of the composition is the rare blue sapphire that reminds a flower-bud on a golden stem with diamond leaves...

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Magic stone alexandrite changes its color from deep green to deep purple depending on the lighting, and of course on your mood!

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