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The history of cufflinks goes back to the court of Louis XIV in the 17th century. It is not surprising that this elegant accessory with a practical purpose was created during the reign of the Sun King. The earliest example of what has become modern cufflinks was a set of two glass buttons linked together by a chain. The courtiers soon began to decorate a simple object in accordance with their own taste: some chose family crests and coats of arms, others favored the portraits of women they loved.
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Cufflinks Men's collection

In the 18th century the men’s accessory evolved into proper fine jewelry – gold cufflinks sparkled with diamonds and semiprecious stones. Undoubtedly, only the most affluent of men could afford them; for this reason, cufflinks are associated with noble ancestry and aristocratism.

In 1882 George Krementz invented a machine that was able to mass-produce cufflinks. As a result, their prime cost reduced substantially and the cufflinks became available to everyone.


Cufflinks are used with shirts that have special slits on the cuffs. Shirts with French, or, as they are often call, double cuffs are a festive attire.

There are also options for daily wear, usually favored by high-profile men with a defined individual style. Viennese cuffs resemble ones of the ordinary shirt, but have a second slit in place of a button. Shirts with combined cuffs allow for a button up and a cufflink option.

It is essential that the accessories complement each other, and go together with the suit and the overall look. Watches, rings, signets, tie clasps and cufflinks should be made of the same metal. Truly high-status, exclusive accessories are the gold cufflinks. It is desirable that all jewelry pieces have similar design features. For that purpose, it is possible to purchase a set or select jewelry with corresponding decorative elements or identical gemstones.

Those who use cufflinks have a well-defined style of their own and appreciate individuality. There is no reason for denying oneself the pleasure of wearing a stylish, elegant accessory.


At our atelier, cufflinks are made-to-order using the finest-quality materials. Our artists prepare sketches with unique designs prior to the production of each individual piece, and in doing so turn an accessory in a unique, on of a kind jewelry item.