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One of the most sophisticated jewelry pieces for women is a necklace. Neck embellishments were known as far back as in the ancient world. Women of noble standing wore delicate gold pieces with precious stones. Luxurious jewelry testified to the wearer’s status in the Middle Ages, during the Renaissance and in later periods.
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A necklace is customarily decorated with precious stones. Diamonds add a dazzling brilliance to the sumptuous evening jewelry. Colorful gemstones set the tone of the necklace: emerald, topaz, sapphire, ruby and aquamarine each possess a unique hue, a special flow of light.

Depending on size, shape and cut, gemstones may define function and effect of the jewelry: it may suit a special occasion, a romantic date, and a party or be a faithful accessory for everyday life.

Regardless of the reason behind a choice to wear a necklace, it must meet all the requirements for fine jewelry of the highest standard. Above all, it means an original design, the finest quality and an excellent execution.

The selection of necklaces in our catalog shows pieces, which our experienced specialists meticulously produce using the materials of the highest quality. Mousson Atelier jewelry embodies the very best creative ideas of our designers.


Exclusive necklaces befit a high status, attest to a developed artistic taste and sense of style, and underline a desire and need for self-expression. A bespoke necklace will suit a particular dress, a special occasion, and will allow a wearer to shine and bask in the attention of others.

Mousson Atelier specialists will consult you on the choice of materials for the future jewelry piece and its design features, and will help you to choose gemstones that will correspond to your look and desired image.

As a rule, necklaces are not worn on their own, but rather in combination with earrings and a ring or a bracelet. On very festive occasions, a tiara is also appropriate.

As it is difficult to find a few jewelry pieces of the same design, a necklace is usually a part of a jewelry set. When choosing a bespoke service, it is advisable to find additional jewelry items to accompany the necklace, by either selecting them from the existing jewelry collections or requesting a made-to-order piece, created by one of our specialists.