Fine jewelry & accessories

Beaded necklaces

Beaded necklaces with precious stones encompass a unique design, delicate handwork and an innate allure of natural gemstones. It is assuredly the best setting to show your femininity, would you agree?
Chaplet Riviera
Chaplet Riviera


High-grade materials

Our atelier uses gemstones of the finest quality. We choose precious and semiprecious stones for our bespoke beaded necklaces: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, turquoise, garnet, pearls, aquamarine, beryl, amethyst, opal, tourmaline and others.

Exclusive design

We specialize in creating jewelry based on complex designs, which you will not find in usual jewelry shops. While the latter cater to the tastes of a wider public, we produce jewelry that will satisfy the most refined taste and will bring pleasure personally to you.

Cutting-edge technologies

The art of jewelry making has made a great leap forward, and we make sure to use the most advanced techniques and equipment available. Our artists extensively use 3D modeling that allows you to see how a future beaded necklace will look like.

If you decide to purchase a beaded necklace, it is worth placing an order with experienced jewelry-makers. A good specialist is not unlike a psychologist in his work. It is no secret that all great jewelry has its own soul and character that make it more than just a bright accessory, but a woman’s best friend.

At Mousson Atelier, our specialists create beaded necklaces that will enhance your individual style and may become your personal talisman.

Working on bespoke necklaces, we start by defining the wishes of our customer. We translate your dreams into the language of fine jewelry. With the help of color, refined shapes and unique materials, our specialists bring an elegant expression of your wishes to life.

Jewelry is an ultimate compliment for a woman. If you do not know what gift to choose for your loved one, we will happily help you to tell her about your feelings. A luxurious and original beaded necklace with gemstones will be an excellent messenger of love!