Fine jewelry & accessories


Original brooches have become a sophisticated element of style and the best accessory for those who desire to accentuate their femininity and elegance.
Brooch Sweet
Brooch Marina
Brooch Pink flamingo
Brooch Sheep
Brooch Sturgeon
Brooch Lionfish
Brooch Golden Fish
Brooch Angel Fish
Brooch Orchid
Brooch Orchid
Brooch The Violine
Brooch The Harp
Brooch A la Russe
Brooch Music
Brooch Rooster
Brooch Seashell
Brooch & pendant Crab
Brooch & pendant Crab
Brooch & pendant Crab
Brooch Owl
Brooch Toucan
Brooch Paffin
Brooch Colibri
Brooch Guitar
Brooch Serpento
Brooch Serpento
Brooch Serpento
Brooch Mask
Brooch Cornflower
Brooch Guitar
Brooch Music

Do you favor individuality above all else? Mousson Atelier offers you an opportunity to order a bespoke brooch, exclusively designed for you. One of a kind jewelry will become a striking addition to your look.

The belles of the Fêtes galantes already knew the astonishing power that these accessories possessed. While other jewelry is chosen to accompany and befit clothes, with brooches, made with precious and semiprecious stones, it is the opposite – they dominate the look and need nothing but a subtle setting.

Our atelier creates exclusive made-to-order gold brooches, using the materials of the highest quality.

Mousson Atelier specialists use 18-carat gold and the best natural gemstones in their work, and no connoisseur of beauty will remain indifferent to the charm of the end result.